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Address: Shanghai City ,China .

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Welcome to Silk Road Chemical Company ! We are in China !

We supply many kinds of research chemicals !
Founded in 2004, Silkroad Chemical Co., Ltd, is a company specializing in Research Chemical for legitimate research purposes only. As one professional supplier of RC and speciality chemicals in China, we custom synthesis RC at lab according to order with high quality.

  • 5Apb
  • 6Apb
  • Mdai
  • 5IAI
  • Methoxetamin
  • 4ACO-DMT
  • 4HO-MET
  • 3MEO-PCP
  • methylone
  • mdpv
  • 4mmc Mephedrone
  • MXE methoxetamine
  • 4FA
  • a-PVP pv-3 a-pbp
  • a-PVP pv-3 a-pbp
  • pv-8 A-PVT
  • DOC
  • Ethylphenidate EP
  • 25I-NOME 25C-NBOME 2C-I 2C-E
  • MMC Cathinone series
  • JWH AM series